Bright Master

Monitor brightness adjuster

Program for adjusting the brightness of monitors and displays.

Runs on Windows 7+ and does not require installation. It works with monitors connected via cable, as well as with built-in displays of laptops and monoblocks. The DDC/CI option must be enabled in the monitor(s) settings.
Features: v1.4.0.5  (3.68 MB)
- Synchronous brightness change on all monitors;
- Tracking brightness changes by third-party software;
  (function only available for built-in displays)
- Digital brightness indication;
- Autostart program at Windows startup;
- Mouse wheel brightness adjustment;

Bright MasterDownload
Possible actions with the program icon:

Right click - program menu;
Left click - anti-blinding (brightness: 0);
Scroll up/down - brightness control; © 2020